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I didn’t have any experience in baking, but as a stay-at-home mom I want to have my own cake business. I knew that I had to join baking classes to gain knowledge and skills needed; therefore, after a thorough research, I joined Que Cake Class. Actually, I was so surprised that the chef (Candy) is very young! But, she taught everything so clearly that as a person who couldn’t bake anything at first, I gained so much knowledge and skills in baking even only from my first class. I was really satisfied with the recipes and her way of teaching that I decided to sign up for more classes. Now, I have my online cake business and I already have some regulars. My customers really love the cakes I made using recipes from Que Cake Class. Thank you, Candy, I am really glad that I know you.

Feli (@gianna.delights)


I signed up for Que Cake Class because Candy offers a lot of special dietary requirements recipes (gluten free, diary free and vegan). Candy teaches very patiently and clearly. More importantly, the recipes are delicious! I’ve tried all of the recipes I got from the class and all of them are amazing. When I have problems, she is still willing to help me by answering my questions regarding the recipe.

Christy (@lia_christy_89)


I was still in high school when I first joined a class in Que Cake Class. I didn’t know anything about baking and kitchen had never been my place. I really thank God that I know Candy as she patiently answers all of my questions related to the class. Her classes are very worth it because I learnt a lot of techniques and great recipes. On my last semester of high school, I could finally start to sell cakes and my customers really like them. My business is growing rapidly and now I am baking and selling cakes every day! The reviews are astounding, the recipes I use from Que Cake Class are really well-liked by customers. In such a young age, I’m glad that I can make my own money and bought my mom and my sister gifts using money I gained from this cake business.

Jeremy (@clairdelune.sby)


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Gluten Free Bread Online Class
Yay! Finally seneng banget bisa bikin kelas ini. Untuk cari komposisi roti tanpa tepung terigu ternyata g gampang! huhu.. Terutama pada request roti yg soft.
Yes! Roti ini empuk, ga keras ya!

Materi :
* Roti Tawar Gluten Free
* Roti Tawar Coklat Gluten Free
* Roti Keju Gluten Free
* Roti Cranberry Cheddar Gluten Free

* Tidak mengandung tepung terigu
* Adonan dasar roti tidak mengandung dairy, namun untuk rasa keju tetep pakai dairy jadi bisa di skip keju nya ya 😊
* Mengandung putih telur (NON VEGAN). Putih telur tidak bisa disubsitusi ya 🙏🏻

Visit our website :

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Kelas Online Terbaru : No Bake Cheesecake dengan opsi SUGAR FREE & GLUTEN FREE

🥭 Mango Glass Cheesecake
☕️ Coffee Cheesecake

Harga Normal Rp 1.000.000
Harga PROMO Early Bird Rp 780.000

(berlaku hingga 9 September 2023)

Join Sekarang di https://quecakeclass@com

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Kelas Online Vegan & Gluten Free Dessert Jar
masih jadi salah satu kelas favorit. Moist cake with creamy custard filling 🤤
Buatnya mudah, delivery nya praktis, penampilannya menarik dan of course, harus enak 😌

✨ Klik link di Bio atau DM untuk join kelasnya ✨

📲 100% Kelas Online
⏰ Akses tanpa batas waktu
💎 Fleksibel bisa belajar dari mana saja dan kapan saja

🍓Choco Berry : Chocolate Cake, Dark Chocolate Custard & Strawberry Compote (Vegan & Gluten Free)

🍌 Banana Biscoff : Banana Cake, Biscoff Custard & Banana Slices (Vegan with gluten free option)

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COMING SOON New Online Class @que_cakeclass
Gluten Free Soft Cookies

• Classic Chocolate Chips
• White Chocolate Almond
• Double Chocolate

Tanpa tepung terigu

44 5

COMING SOON New Online Class @que_cakeclass
Vegan & Gluten Free Muffin

• Orange Strawberry 🍊🍓
• Banana Almond 🍌🧁
• Chocolate Peanut Butter 🍫🥜

Tanpa tepung terigu, susu, butter, telur dan bahan hewani lainnya

49 2

NEW Homemade & Colored Pasta Class

✔️ Teknik Pasta belajar langsung di Italia
✔️ Pasta dengan pewarna alami
✔️ Tanpa Mixer
✔️ Adonan Pasta dapat disimpan di freezer

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No Added Sugar & Gluten Free Chiffon

- Cheese Chiffon
- Earl Grey Chiffon with Sugar Free Meringue
- Chocolate Chiffon with No Added Sugar Ganache

500 3

Hari ini atau suatu saat nanti, jika kamu harus memilih seseorang atau sesuatu, selalu pilihlah yang membuat senyummu indah di pagi hari, semangatmu berkobar di siang hari, tawa mu lepas di sore hari dan hati mu tenang di malam hari.


- Coffee Cake (genoise)
- Earl Grey Cake (genoise)
- Salted Caramel
- Lemon Ganache
- Italian Meringue Buttercream
- Coffee Buttercream
- Rice Paper Sails
- How to stack, fill, crumb coat & cover cakes
- Frosting cake using Italian Meringue Buttercream

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